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Elijah Running Club understands the importance of giving back and empowering our communities through our services, programs and contributions. Our concern, passion and love for others is shown in giving of our time and resources.

Please consider donating your very best charitable gift to our 501c3 organization as we carry on the mission of serving and inspiring their communities.

Some of the charity outreaches we have been involved with have been:

  • “Share Your Soles” Shoe Donations Drive
  • “Blood Water Missions” Clean Water Well-Creation Drive
  • Nutrition and Financial Fitness Bootcamps
  • “Teen-Train, Inc.” Youth Leadership & Development presentations
  • “Project Eden” Haiti outreach 
  • Somalia Missions support, and many more!

If you are unable to participate by training with us or volunteering, we’d appreciate your financial support so that someone else can!

Give Back by Volunteering

Our “dream team” of dedicated and caring volunteers have more than 40 years of combined experience in endurance running and enjoy helping others reach their fitness goals.  

We're always looking for enthusiastic volunteers who are willing to donate their time & talents! Whether it’s through our Spirit Team, Group Leaders or Mentors, this journey of total-body health & wellness is always better with friends to come along with you! 
Together, WE can make a difference!

Interested in volunteering with Elijah Running Club? Click Here

Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are HEALTHY IN BODY
as you are STRONG IN SPIRIT.

3 John 2 (NLT)

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Elijah Running Club

Our Goal is to empower you with the tools you need to build endurance, attain health goals, grow in self-discipline and gain confidence through our faith-based principles & fitness techniques. We believe that embracing an Active Lifestyle through endurance running is a path to improve your overall health and wellness.

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